Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent



Can’t I be flippant in the face of disaster sometimes?


Why do leavers hate human rights so much?


sure. safebruv is def right though. it’s why this is so tricky. you can’t prove the insane fringe right, or they’re no longer fringe.


Well yes of course it would irk them, I was just laughing at the irony of it all.
Still don’t think it would cause the fringe to go mainstream (if that’s what you mean?) as the apathy of ‘it’ll be ok’ towards no deal would also go the same way to remain. People just want to live their lives ultimately.


Because the echr has been demonised by the people in power and the press for that long and that persistently that “human rights” are actually seen as a bad thing by a lot of people


I think this is correct?


Nah, you can be “right” about a thing without being sane.


Can’t believe Michael Gove said Bollocks.




The European Court of Human Rights is not an EU institution. Its jurisdiction not affected by Brexit.


I’m sure this is gonna go well for the government




It absolutely baffles me that the government are so determined to piss off parliament as much as possible throughout this whole process. You’d have thought they’d be trying to get people onside, not riled up against them.


lol (?)


i would kill to hear those calls. May at max awkward times 1,000,000




“Frances! Buddy! What is UP?”
“Who is this?”
does robot dance on skype “MAY I have a moment of your time?”
“Oh christ.”


So, this definitely qualifies as panicking then


I was dreading calling the water company later on, but that’s definitely put things into fucking perspective.


would probably be 30% option A, 0% option B & 70% ‘don’t know’ in a fluid mix of genuinely not bothered, ‘legitimate concerns’ & shy, rabid racist