Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent





Sorry Roasty, don’t trust your source.


Disclaimer: presented for entertainment purposes only. Others can explain whether the poll sample etc is valid or not


So two years on and we still haven’t managed to finalize what leave actually means? Perfect


It means leave wolves, weren’t you listening?


As usual when these polls appear, it’s absolutely incredible that - given everything that has happened - Remain isn’t like 20 points ahead.

Also pretty incredible that a lot of people still think a second Ref could be won.


Also incredible that the public prefer no deal to May’s one. She shouldn’t have spent years saying “No Deal is better than a bad deal”. Seems people believed her.


On Ch4 new last night they were asking people about no deal and they were all basically ‘it’ll be fine’ shrug which the naivety of people who’ve never known hardship or read 2000AD.

kentbrockmandemocracy.gif x :infinity:


If Yvette was in charge, it would be!


Apparently Brexit would have been smoother…


Ah crap, no deal is gonna end up being Block Mania, isn’t it? Where’s Karl Urban when you need him


Yup, because her forensic questioning as chair of the home affairs select committee has definitely led to a marked improvement in Home Office policy. :roll_eyes:


People’s views have been shaped by what they consume but unfortunately without a totalitarian regime dictating all media we’re not going to see the seismic shift in attitudes of the sane to the tolerant values that deep down they actually have. There’s less true believer wrong-uns than you think. Well that’s my gut view anyway and it keeps me from giving up.








harsh yet fair


also: what a twat