Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent



It’s kind of baffling that 2nd ref people haven’t been spending the last however many years exclusively door knocking in Hartlepool, Horden, Easington, Wansbeck etc. Mebbe they are though I don’t follow too closely. So don’t hate me. Just throwing my takes out there


Black Death
Two World Wars
Spanish Flu

All this happened while we were OUT of the EU - do we really want all these things happening AGAIN


old blue last


Can’t wait til we leave and people stop dying… Though our scarce resources would last even less time then.


does anyone honestly think labour would win a general election? the tories will landslide it

obviously i dont want this to happen and it shouldn’t happen but of course it will


I’d vote for labour if that helps


Hypothetically labour could win but it would need them to be a lot more media savvy and absolutely savage what the Tories have done to this country but sadly Brexit is likely to be the only story in town.


i think 2nd ref types have been annoying enough to virtually guarantee a tory win tbh


There’s no chance the Tories would landslide it. The country is falling to bits and even the most sympathetic right wing outlets are sick to the back teeth with this administration.

Could we get into a situation where Labour tread water/make weak gains from the last election, and we wind up with a parliament that’s still utterly deadlocked? Very probably. Welcome to every other European country. The irony!



Personally can’t see Labour winning but also can’t see the Tories landsliding it either. Like @Parsefone says I reckon it’ll just be potential slight Labour gains but pretty much deadlocked. On a human face. Forever.


The Tories couldn’t landslide it when they were 20 points ahead in the polls.


Newest polls showing labour +3 over the tories but it drops to -4 if they back a second referendum


… and 20 points ahead if Cooper is in charge.


Democracy had a good run


No, Labour wouldn’t win a general election. Peak Corbyn has been and gone, not helped by his (mis)handling of accusations of anti-Semitism and Labour’s ambiguous stance on Brexit.

The odds are that yet another Tory minority government would be returned.


hard to really know these days, during ‘peak corbyn’ he was predicted to be wiped out and he made considerable gains


True, although it does feel as if ‘peak Corbyn’ has passed. Labour simply haven’t taken advantage of this government’s record, and not just on Brexit, and that is reflected in the polls. I know so many people who voted Labour at the last general election, primarily on the basis of Corbyn, yet have stated that they won’t again. I voted Labour at the last GE, but, as someone with Jewish roots, I simply can’t vote Labour after his (mis)handling of the anti-Semitism allegations. That shit should have been stamped out rather than been left to smoulder. That, and his opaque stance towards Brexit.

I will be voting Green, whenever the next general election is.


There’s no real way of knowing, given that we don’t know who the tory leader will be, what kind of campaign they’ll run, and what the circumstances of the election will be.


Big surprise as Corbyn sceptic thinks Labour wouldn’t win an election under him. Whatever you think of the anti-Semitism stuff and what Labour should do about it, there’s little evidence voters care about it much (I mean they didn’t really care about the endless accusations that he loves the IRA and terrorists in general, which should have been far more damaging), and as for their stance on Brexit, is there any alternative stance that would have fared them better?


Anti-semitism stuff may have mainly been an extra reason for centre/centre-left critics to dislike him. But think there was decent traction with the IRA/terrorist connection stuff spewed by the tabloids to make him unpopular with the general public (i.e. why his best PM ratings always lower than May’s already low ratings). They do have an impact and he does have baggage, the question is more if his positives outweigh them.

Hard to say if any other Brexit stance that would have worked better. At least since the referendum (i.e. probably could have campaigned more positively then). However, you would think at some point they would have to commit to something, and not just leave it the Tories to own the mess.