Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent



I mean, I’m not going to claim to be a Parliamentary scholar, but I feel fairly confident saying the PM can’t do that.


It’s a thinly-veiled “I fancy an extended skiing holiday” gambit, that’s for sure.


Any MP called swayne will just make me think of blinky Ben


Ffs, done


Only when reading this post did I clock that’s who my mental image was. I saw Swayne and my mind was subconsciously like “this real life MP pictured here”



torn between seeing adrianne lenker or this


I think the issue with Twitter posting on here is a lack of context personally (which is often true on Twitter). Often they can be decent things said but it can be hard to tell if this is an opinion the poster agrees with or not, and whether the person posting that opinion is decent or an utter muppet.

So in general I’d just we should all frame our Tweet posting more. Just because we already realise someone is a good person or because we’ve read the entire thread and thus we understand the context of the one good Tweet, doesn’t mean it’s automatically true for everyone here.


Also quoted as saying he may vote for the deal. Sighhhh


Boris using language road tested by the US alt-right, here:


Yeah but that ignores its audience, which is by and large racists who need to be convinced that Brexit isn’t what they want. I mean it’s both for racists in the house and in the wider section of the country.

Of course we can sit here and point out all its problems but also we’re already the good guys (are we?) if you get me.


marckee and guntrip are pissing all over the twitter red line, i demand action


You lost, get over it.


Friends… Britons… Countrymen, I come to bury Remain not to praise it!


people didn’t know what they were voting for, dammit


I’m a sovereign netizen


Tomorrow will be the peak and final day of my ‘I don’t like it, but I’ll have to go along with it’ posting arc


Still basically ignoring this for my mental health, but just to check in… Is it still meaningful vote day tomorrow? What should be expected?



May to lose and then the combined force of Westminster to collectively lose their shit.


Figured this would actually be important/interesting, but it’s just the same bullshit. Nothing they haven’t been saying for ages now.