Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent



An answer a politician would be proud of.

But I’ll give you a clue - no it won’t.


They’re worse than incompetent; they’re utter snakes.


grr i can’t open the tweet i bet there’s probably an explainer there


^ I think this is it, and it comes up in these threads on a regular basis.

Not one person has come up with a credible alternative way of preventing Brexit or for preventing it happening again in the future. At least, they haven’t while the chance to blame Labour and Corbyn instead of the Conservative party exists.


ohhhhhh this will trash labour’s plans won’t it, but the lib dems think this is very clever west wing game of thrones shit don’t they, but they’ve actually fucked us all, isn’t it


No, they’re trying to tie any rejection of May’s deal into a call for a ‘Public Vote’.


I know these threads tend to be argumentative car crashes whenever we start a new one, but the winter thread is really becoming something special :slight_smile:


No it doesn’t. They can increase public spending in a post brexit world if they want.

Trumps just plunged the US into massive deficit seemingly for the laugh.

Deficits etc are neolib capitalist propaganda.


Discontent is a great content provider.


this is what i used to say when ex-gfs critiqued my deficiencies in the sack


Ok, when I say make austerity worse maybe I should say exacerbate the effects of austerity on people/communities. As the effects of brexit on jobs, prices, NHS etc will certainly not solve those problems and most likely make them much worse.


I didn’t say I had the answers. And this won’t satisfy you, but I’m relatively satisfied with Sturgeon’s position - it’s a shitshow based on bullshit, with no good outcome other than revocation of A50, but if any form of Brexit absolutely has to go ahead, which it doesn’t, then Norway is the starting point - an EU member in all but name and if you wanted anything more Brexity you should’ve had it on the ballot paper.

Also happy to see the wheels fall off the inevitability bandwagon lately as the legal positions have been firmed up.

It’s possible to blame more than one party/group/person. Many choose to.


Not at all.

A government can increase spending to help all these things.

It’s not a new thing, every government in the world has stimulated their economy by spending more.


Ooh, nearly!

*Discontent is a great DiS content provider.


i agree with this broadly but won’t the IMF try to fuck us? thing about neoliberal propoganda is they have big institutions to back it up.

(this is me pretending to know about the IMF and what they do)


Are you really telling me brexit won’t have an impact of those things? And that the government can just spend a bit more money and it’ll all be fine? How will they replace the jobs that will be lost if factories close which they will with any kind of customs checks on the border?


Living wage.


I’ve no idea either I think they did this to oil crisis South American countries in the 70s, telling them you better implement public spending cuts or we’re not helping you out. something like that. Or was that the World Bank?


Do you mean universal income?