Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent



That would be great but do we think it’s a realistic chance of it happening soon, brexit or not?


There’s got to be mega changes to literally everything we do so why not


I admire your optimism!

And also agree whatever happens (hopefully post a cancelled brexit) there needs to be a vast overhaul of the political system etc.


eat the rich?

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Okay, I seldom take part in political discussions 'cos I can never articulate myself well, and someone has probably said it already lol. Anyway…

Last week I got into a discussion with a friend of mine on Twitter about Labour’s vagueness on Brexit. His take was that Labour are effectively selling the country into poverty. This is the sort of rhetoric I see a lot on Twitter from remain folk (of which I am one, btw, just not a weird one). Are these people oblivious to what has been going on the past 8 or so years? Same with talk about the economy taking a hit - does this really bother the majority of folk given most people don’t actually reap any benefits from a good economy? To me it feels like #FBPE people are exploiting poor people for their own gain without actually caring about poorer people in society. I dunno, maybe I’m wrong, it just grinds my gears.


The government’s flailing to save Cox is quite something. In less than 24 hours:

  • He’s accepted he’s in contempt of government
  • He’s argued that he can’t be in contempt because it’s a unclear motion (his letter to Bercow makes entertaining reading)
  • Leadsom’s completely undermined both Cox’s arguments in the Commons by saying he’s complied in full.


You Brexit twats.


Think that’s basically the issue most remainers on the left have with the fbpe lot. There’s a sense that all they want to do is reverse the clock to June 2016 because everything was fine up til then, which it was for them but doesn’t address how neoliberalism and austerity have hurt the country, especially the leave voting areas


This is similar to the conversion I’ve been having up there. It’s not about the economy growing x% less it’s about the economy collapsing, prices rising, services and infrastructure (in case of no deal) collapsing. All of which of course will effect everyone of the 99% and the poorer of those the most.


I think our options now are May’s deal vs. no Brexit. ‘No deal’ can’t be on the table… can it?


There was chat about this in the previous thread on Friday. It’s proooobably between Mays deal and Remain (esp if the agreement not to crash out with no deal passes) but who knows really?


Just get on with it, Corbyn!


If there’s anything the last few years have taught me it’s to never be optimistic that the worst possible outcome won’t happen


Did a good bit of earwigging on a trio of Brexitty people whilst having a pub lunch in Wales.

Upshot is they’ve almost resigned themselves to not leaving, but aren’t happy about it, and think we should just get on and get out. Here ends the report.


This withholding of the legal papers in the face of Starmer’s humble address looks to be pretty ridiculous. Even Rees-Mogg and Peter Bone agree. Not that any of it will be definitive blow.

But it looks like it could be a taste of things to come.

This battle is symbolic of how an unruly parliament is increasingly asserting control at this critical moment in British history. And as William Hague writes for the Telegraph today, there could be plenty more where this came from in the weeks ahead. Imagining how parliament would respond to a government pursuing no deal, Hague predicts a flurry of rebel amendments to essential bills before March 29, plus a raft of emergency debates and motions. He goes on: “The Commons can, if it wishes, sit at weekends and through the night; set up committees and demand they report in days; summon officials to the bar of the House for cross-examination; compress the time required to pass a bill; cut off money to parts of the government; extend question time to many hours; refuse to adjourn at all; or cancel all other business. In other words, the Commons can make the conduct of government impossible, one way or another, unless ministers bow to its will.”

Grind 'em down. Lovely stuff.

And after they’ve decided on the contempt thing, there’s today’s eight hours of Brexity chat to be had in parliament!


He’s got us there lads.


BBC have sacked off the debate


ITV debate before I’m a Celebrity now, I guess?


What a win for Corbs. The Absolute Boy strikes again!


It’s probably been covered but what is the point of having a tv debate? Before an election, sure, people watch and use it to inform their vote but unless were about to have another ref, why bother?