Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent



Didn’t read the statement but I guess it says the proposal didn’t include representatives of genghis Khan, idi amin and The Borg so they were worried about balance.

I’ll see myself to the HH satire thread.




Again this is not strictly a brexit problem - why does this person run a company that provides mental health services?


Is this some implication of why they aren’t a charity? I have no idea who they are so can only guess but maybe they do have charitable status?
They obv get most of their funding from the EU and company doesn’t always imply for profit. There’s very little NHS mental health funding and most of these organisations have to get money from elsewhere. That might include subsidised (or pay what you can afford) services.
Surely you don’t think people working in mental health shouldn’t get paid?

It’s very odd to jump on the word ‘company’ as if it’s not brexit that’s caused this organisation, and many others I’m sure, to reduce their service or even fold.


(flippant) Point is they shouldn’t exist in the first place. Brexit is a catalyst but not a cause of problems like these, what would happen if that company failed or downsized for any other of the million reasons companies do?


Well we can play wouldn’t it be nice and what ifs as much as we want but these organisations do exist and a lot of them survive with EU funding. Leaving the EU = no more EU funding = places like this shutting. It’s direct cause and effect.


Government’s in contempt of Parliament then.


Grieve amendment passed, which I think means that if the deal is voted down next week, any further action by the government can be amended. I think this means a no deal Brexit is less likely?


Nice one.

Can you change your vote in the poll above given the evidence I’ve prevented please


Allegedly, the government are hoping to use this amendment to bring the ERG back in line on the basis that if they don’t go with May’s Brexit, parliament will amend her plan B to something softer.


But you’re asking me to vote for the Brexit option? Are you saying that @ttf asked a loaded question to try and sway votes?


do you find the way MPs yell and go ‘yayyyyyy’ and ‘yeahhhhhh’ all the time, and generally talk absolutely vile?

just listen to the beginning of this video


Yes. The state of “the mother of all parliaments” or whatever they call it is fucking embarrassing.


Parliament in general is a total embarrassment. Imagine being in a place where you turn up just to go ‘reeaaahhhh’ or ‘naaaahhhhh’ beyond the age of 6. Reckon it explains a good 50% of other MP behaviour.


I want to vomit when theresa may says some smart alec point and they all go AHHHH as if they’ve caught someone out.


Can’t believe this thread has gone like them bodybuilders who argued about how many days were in a week


the christmas carol mentions the ‘bleak midwinter’, and while I can’t really remember the words, I’d guess that makes 25th of December the exact middle of Winter. Someone else can calculate the rest (seems a tad early to me for midwinter, but what do I know)



Can we get back to the Brexit chat please folks. This shit about seasons is even more mentally draining than watching the country slide into the abyss.


Maybe we can have our own seasons, sealed in a box outside St Albans. Imperial weather for all!