Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent



I fucking hate parliamentary protocols. They’re so fucking stupid.


Get on with it May


So Parliament is voting for Theresa May’s bullshit deal on the 11th, correct?

After she wins it what do we expect to happen? Will they try to topple her anyway? If her Government has to collapse due to the DUP leaving the deal I guess there could be a GE and wouldn’t that be a joke.


Probably should have moved this into the Winter Chat thread, sorry. Anyway, this thread might read a bit odd now I’ve done the split. Enjoy.

No more Winter chat in here - we have the spinoff thread featuring leftover footage from the original and a digital almost-perfect recreation of Theresa May as the big bad.

Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]

Or, Spring II as it’s now known


Not sure what’s giving you that impression?


Because it’s the worst vote and therefore they’ll do it.

I have zero faith in these MPs now, sorry.


May is the very centre piece of the British Spring.





David Cameron should be somewhere where every single day he gets kicked in the head and reminded what he did.


Chain him to a rock like Prometheus and have an eagle peck out his liver every day


Finally a Brexit we can all agree on



David Lammy is saying all the right things. More of this from Labour please


This is pretty much what Labour and those on the left have been saying all along. I appreciate that he’s put it into an easily-shareable tweet, but there’s nothing unique about what Lammy’s saying.


The Brexiteers say we lost control because of the EU. But in reality they are still mourning Suez, Britain’s last fling of the Colonial dice.

Today we need to build a new image of Britain. One that brings this country together after years of division. Empire 2.0 is not it

this is one of many reasons why i’m becoming a very harsh soviet-style socialist as i get older. like people pining for suez will never be on board with a new, inclusive vision of british society. they’re too far gone. gulag for those lads, tbh.


‘Run sideways! Just go sideways, you can avoid it! You can avoid it all… (sobs)’


Wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy…


You would hope that guilt would be the eagle, but I think that only works for people with actual human souls