Winter coat chat

Got my big coat out for the first time this Winter 1 this morning.

Chat can include, but is not limited to

  • what coat you’ve got
  • whether you’ve worn it yet this Winter 1
  • how old it is
  • whether you’ve got multiple winter coats
  • got your eye on an upgrade (links welcome)?


  • Dark blue gap duffel
  • today only, so far
  • 2 years old
  • just this one
  • not actively, but if I see something nice for a decent price I might be tempted
  • I have given my jacket it’s first outings of winter I this week.
  • I don’t know what the name of the kind of jacket is but it’s navy blue and looks a bit like this but all the same colour as the collar:

  • It is one year old
  • I do have one proper winter coat that I purchased for a trip to Iceland a couple of years ago, it has not and will not be worn since.
  • I do not have my eye on any upgrades
  • an olive green thing. nice padding and a solid hood
  • don’t be silly
  • bout 6 years old
  • only the one. I layer up, like a true dude
  • yes, yes I have (£100 tops…suggestions welcome)

I’m not sure I’d class that as a winter coat, Ant. Thank you for contributing though


Thanks Aggzy, I would like to just stress that the definition of “winter coat” is a personal decision. My example is a coat that I personally wear in the winters.

got myself a nice black pea coat from last year, on the lookout for a new winter coat right enough but not huegly fussed. I’d quite like a mac.

I don’t agree with this

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I opt for a fleece and parka combo during winter, for heat reasons, but also due to better pockets. As any grown-up male appreciates, the biggest selling point of any coat or jacket is a reliable number of interior storage options. Got to be ale to hold a book, magazine, hat, gloves and occasionally some sort of food items at any one point.

I really don’t wear any clothes other than cycling clothes these days. Haven’t even really worn a jacket yet :confused:

  • blue duck/goose feather coat thing with a furry hood from Fat Face. Sounds awful, but it actually suits me.
  • haven’t worn it yet, I’ve barely worn a jacket tbh
  • couple of years? Got it in “the sales”
  • no multiple winter coats here but I won’t wear it until t’s like 5 degrees MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE outside
  • nope, though I believe I am getting a winter cycling coat at the weekend

I’ve got several coats/jackets:

  • navy single-breasted jacket from Gap. Fine for this time of year.
  • padded waterproof jacket. Proper penoid but great for winter walks.
  • longer-length (comes to about halfway down my thigh) charcoal coat/jacket from H&M. Would be perfect if I was ever required to be a professional hitman.

Blue Barneys duffle
I’ve worn it a few times yeah
It’s about 2 years old
I also have a snowboarding jacket for when it’s really super cold
Not at the moment

Thanks for the #coatchat

Shove it up your bollocks mate, I don’t give a fuck.


This sort of outburst does no good for your new personal brand

-I have a denim jacket, a Harrington and a weird black thing which Is waterproof and v strange
Been thinking of getting this:

Sorry Aggzo, sorry everybody.

Not going for a newbie this year, quite happy with last year’s number:

Quilted inner, proper warm, no need for anything longer.

In the market for a fairly smart blue long mac but don’t want to spend a huge amount. Any suggestions?

i have a long wool black one with a hood, looks nice but gives me shoulder pain
wanna get something a bit lighter that still looks alright

I have just this week got a new winter coat - excite. Have had a long cashmere formal one and a arctic parka for donkeys, but seeing as it hasn’t actually got cold for the past three winters in London, it hasn’t nearly been cold enough to wear either. Hence an ‘upgrade’ to a less warm coat…

  • What coat you’ve got - this one:

  • Whether you’ve worn it yet this Winter 1 - behave. I came into work in a long sleeve t-shirt this morning. Sunny isn’t it.
  • How old it is - one day!
  • Whether you’ve got multiple winter coats - as well as the afore mentioned cashmere and parka, I also have a military style thing that has done me the last few mild winters. I have an awful lot of coats in general.
  • Got your eye on an upgrade (links welcome)? - done thanks.