Winter coat/wear chat 2018


Oooo!! I love it. Very nice.

I’ve got one (it’s kind of pea coatish) but its like a sailor coat! I love it but ughhh I feel like I look a bit like a child when I wear it, not sure I can pull it off. I should really put it out, I’ve barely worn it :thinking:


just fully embrace the sailor vibes, get a cap and pipe, grow a beard, start battering the rum etc


I like your attitude!! I WILL!!


Made you buy it or actually made it? Looks like a great bunch of coat :+1:


Actually made it me, it’s one off and fitted for me.


Nice! Looks sturdy af, with lots of pockets.


Picture of the lining i picked.


Struggle with this cos thick or woolly coats are too heavy for my fragile shoulders so i always end up wearing puffa. Any really lightweight and warm coats out there that also look smart?


I’m in the market for a nice parka, or a coat that is long in length. Ideally one that makes me look like a ‘cool dude’ rather than Liam Gallagher. Where’s good for coats atm?


worth a look


just ordered this big thick lumberjack shirt :muscle:t3:


I’d like a new winter coat this year. I ordered the denim coat from the fashion thread, but though it was super warm I think I’d like something more grown up and stylish so it’s going back. In the meantime I’m wearing my serious business Snowdonia parka, ain’t no water getting on me!


where’s this from mate? i got a couple of portugese flannel one’s last year that i love


I really like this but I need to find something that will cover my thighs.


these are the best socks I’ve ever had.


it’s Patagonia - I’ve got 2 of them already ha, one plain navy and one dark grey - i just wear them instead of jumpers, they’re really nice and warm and durable. they’re £80 but i’ve generally paid around half that in the sale for each of them.


really tempted to get this

  • tory (buy it)
  • tory (don’t buy it)
  • not tory (buy it)
  • not tory (don’t buy it)

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is there any value in a socialism or barbourism joke here jon?


always mate, always


Something a bit Alan Partridge about socks branded by a car manufacturer, isn’t there?