Winter coat/wear chat 2018


Oooo!! I love it. Very nice.

I’ve got one (it’s kind of pea coatish) but its like a sailor coat! I love it but ughhh I feel like I look a bit like a child when I wear it, not sure I can pull it off. I should really put it out, I’ve barely worn it :thinking:


just fully embrace the sailor vibes, get a cap and pipe, grow a beard, start battering the rum etc


I like your attitude!! I WILL!!


Made you buy it or actually made it? Looks like a great bunch of coat :+1:


Actually made it me, it’s one off and fitted for me.


Nice! Looks sturdy af, with lots of pockets.


Picture of the lining i picked.


Struggle with this cos thick or woolly coats are too heavy for my fragile shoulders so i always end up wearing puffa. Any really lightweight and warm coats out there that also look smart?