Winter cricket thread then 🦗



less than a month after the summer season ends the winter season begins. bit hectic this scheduling innit. saw on cricinfo that some of the all formats players are playing international cricket 1 out of every 3 days of the year. that’s pretty crazy.

this is The Big One though! five ODIs against the might of Sri Lanka.


8th in the world for ODIs. Not holding out much hope of a cracking limited overs series.


Apparently new Zealand (proud brave island nation) have only played about 3 matches in 7 months? What’s all that about


aye, no matthews, no mendis, malinga looks on his last legs. could be a bit of a drubbing this series.


they lose money on every match they play that isn’t against the big 3. shitter innit.


They should move closer.


Just discovered Tailenders. Got a lot of time for Jimmy, and the Maccabees, so quite like it. Wasn’t a huge fan of Greg James, but he’s good.

What’s the Michael Vaughan/bit spicy stuff about?