Winter cricket thread then 🦗



You don’t think it’s AMAZING?


Haha nah. But it’s amusing enough.


sri lanka have whitewashed every non-subcontinental team to tour there for the last 5 years. deffo on a downturn but it’s still pretty impressive to boss them.


Really? That’s pretty insane and perhap puts Foakes’ innings into perspective. Let’s see what it looks like when England have batted again though…

  • Great to see Jennings finding some form
  • Oh god he’s going to be picked for the ashes fuckfuckfuck

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Really pleased to see Joe Root having a stab at filthy leg spin in an international game. His off spin is actually too good for the comedy part timer bowling that is one of my favourite parts of cricket. I also love watching REAL tailenders bat, you don’t get so many of those these days though. Anything that celebrates real ineptitude and I’m all over it. I’d actually watch football I think if goalkeepers rushing into the opposition box for a desperate attempt to connect with a corner happened more regularly.


Nothing about hat-trick hero Trent Boult I see.


was nice. lb decisions are always the best for hat tricks.

seen your lasses are getting skittled by a girl who bowls at an average of about 35mph? looks impossible to play.


Devon Malcolm was one of my favourite tailenders. Two shots: slog to the boundary, and air shot.


Excuse the quality of the video, but thought this dismissal was worth sharing:


Aye, I watch them occasionally. Great bunch of lads


Sad to see the Irish getting so thoroughly stuffed by Aus last night (sad to see any Aus team get a win I suppose): winning by 9 wickets in 9 overs… offt.


is rory burns just cook with a different face?

  • good off his hips
  • stiff but effective sweep shot
  • cuts anything wide off the spinner

also jos is love jos is life


Who would’ve thought that Jos would be our best Test batsman in 2018 when his recall was first announced?


He’s already got one more shot than Cookie by your reckoning.


‘losing all four wickets to the sweep shot’…








Jimmy just reverse swept his first ball for 4