Winter cricket thread then



Went to bed with NZ 81/3 at lunch and Handsome Kane launching a recovery, woke up to the headline Williamson the lone bright spot in NZ wreckage. Going to a long series.

Good to see some top quality 她kesing from (checks) Foakes.


Blimey how good are this West Indies team? Yikes. There have been a few stodgy games and wash outs in this world cup but this is fab.


Oh look. An England team relying on the lower order to score the runs. What a novelty.


Proper thriller in the UAE. Pakistan chasing 176 on a difficult pitch, looked to be cruising after a few early wickets, but have just lost 4-8. Two wickets left, need 21 to win. Two decisions overturned by 3rd umpire in the last couple of overs (one each way).


Nail-biting stuff.


just been watching the highlights, that straight six from campbell off gordon :heart_eyes: like a miniature jason roy.


Up till midnight watching a dodgy stream on my laptop, and then that last wicket, and the review <3. 4 run win, back from the dead :slight_smile:






Jonny loves scoring hundreds


Well played Jonny, any hundred in Sri Lanka is a hard earned hundred.

Dont get the fuss about his being dropped, though. He was injured for the first test, England didnt want to change a winning team for the second test and now hes back for the third. Youd think he was sent back to the Lions or home or spent 5 years in the international wilderness or something. Headlines wont write themselves I guess.


2019 then, I would rather

  • England win the World Cup
  • England regain the Ashes.

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There are any number of other teams that could win the World Cup if England dont, but fuck letting the Aussies win anything.


England just one game away from winning the world Cup this weekend! Pity its on at midnight (and that Brunt isnt playing) but should be a great game and, fingers crossed, smashing the aussies (cue huge defeat)


Ooft will try and get a bit of this in live if I can.


Theyve never won the world cup. Ashes would really hurt (maybe it can be a draw), but it would be really nice to just get that damned world cup win done


I think Id agree with you if it was a year where we were looking to retain rather than regain.


Care more about the current dead rubber test than an ODI world cup


also I reckon a World Cup win would get us more kudos with the lads from the subcontinent on Youtube comments sections and on Twitter



I mean, why not both Jezza?