Winter cricket thread then 🦗



The point of the poll was to see which was more popular. It’s a fascinating sporting anomaly the Ashes isn’t it.


A bit like asking a Scot whether they’d rather Scotland qualified for the football World Cup or failed to do so miserably, losing every qualifier heavily, but beat England 2-0 in a friendly.


Ah the Scottish national team, the envy of world football.


Whilst i by no means care about the ashes, most test series these days are won by the home team, and I get the feeling even a 5-0 would struggle beat 2005 or 2010-11

We’ve never won the world cup, so doing that would be awesome


Reminder that we’re not all English, pal :slight_smile:
Quite happy for you to do well in the Cup if it doesn’t stop NZ.


Obviously my sympathies are with PBIN, but would be quite happy to see South Africa win, especially after our fucking epic semi last time around, when the rain probably cost them the game.


Aye fair do’s man, I forget how international our cricket threads are :grinning: Was shocked by how much I was more bothered about the Ashes than the WC was all.


Yeah, it’s interesting - I wonder if other countries have the same thing? Probably not - maybe the Aussies would rather win the Ashes? Or India beat Pakistan in a test series (or vice versa)?

For us, we’re only going to get 2 tests in a series, maybe 3 if we’re lucky, so the focus is much more on things like the WC.


The death of a 5 Test series is a real shame man.

I’m watching South Africa vs Bangladesh in the WC next year, canny wait.


i know they’ve had the easier half of the draw but it’s pretty remarkable the lasses getting to the final without brunt or taylor, in my mind they’re two of the best 15 players in the world. it’s like missing out on root and stokes.


Oh fantastic. Love a World Cup, went to every NZ game in 2015 including the final in Melbourne. Also a load of games in 1999 including the all-time classic Aus v SA game in the second group stage :).

I was actually hoping to get to some games next year myself. I had a scheme to get sponsorship to a conference in Birmingham at the same time - just looked and all the NZ games are sold out :frowning: unless I pay a couple of hundred quid for hospitality.


I’m assuming you live in NZ? Man if you’re heading all the way over here you should deffo treat yo’self, sponsorship or no.


I do, yeah. And fair point I guess :). We’ll see how it plays out.


We’re not great at dead rubbers are we?


pretty sure keaton jennings is the greatest short leg fielder and also cricketer who has ever lived.


Keaton Jennings plays cricket at a level so much higher than most other cricket players that have ever lived.


I would say he is the sachin tendulkar of short leg. all while having much longer legs than sachin, which only makes it more impressive.


He’s such a leggy conundrum


this is fucking silly now. hes funny when he’s charging around with his big posh face smiling.


Getting pretty anniyed that we keep picking Jennings when he’s seemingly playing no part in any of these wickets