Winter cricket thread then 🦗



Cricket’s the oddest game, innit? Went out this morning, SL were 160-1 and picking the bowling apart. Just got back in 2 hours later, they’re 9 down with only 50 more on the board.


adil is a really likeable dude and he looks good with his Big Beard.


Pretty much sums up why test matches = the best


wait what




Bring me my :bow_and_arrow: of :fire: gold!
Bring me my :arrow_right: of :heart_eyes:!
Bring me my :chopsticks:: o :cloud: unfold!
Bring me my :fire_engine:!
I will not cease from :crazy_face: fight;
Nor shall my :crossed_swords: sleep in my :call_me_hand:
Till we have :hammer: jerusalem
In :uk:s :national_park:.


I hate australia. always smiling and with a nice tan, makes me sick.


is there any cricketing phrase more familiar and classic than “England rally after top order collapse”?


Proper old school 80s style test match in the UAE; Pakistan 235/4 off 105 overs.


Imagine travelling 6,000 miles on the trip of a lifetime just to write Scott Pilgrim fan fiction


moeen might be my favourite man in all sports. i love him so much.


Tense af this.


remember when it was frowned upon to bounce the tailenders.


Pretty sure Broad doesn’t.


another one here? obviously


There it is! Do we reckon Jennings is getting man of the match here?


could be. how many has he pouched? 6 or 7?!

just noticed this in the other game :grimacing:


Bloody hell. Shah absolutely on one.


Fucking shit black caps. 50/0 becomes 90 all out.
Sack everyone


if this doesn’t happen to a team at least once during a UAE Pakistan tour, are you even playing Pakistan?


4 years gone today