Winter cricket thread then 🦗



can’t quite believe it’s been that long. rip.


2019 fixtures are out (although I’ve not been able to see them yet, just going off the guardian email) - “the upshot is that seven rounds of championship cricket will take place in June and July.”

This is a Good Thing.


Yeah, had a quick look earlier on - looks like Middx have four in June and a couple in July plus one in August.

Going to try and get down to the Rose Bowl at sometime this year, plus a day of Middx v Glamorgan at Radlett and probably a couple of things at The Oval too. Maybe Northants T20 too.


The Sri Lanka tour’s completely passed me by because of work. Had no idea Foakes was keeping wicket. Just catching up with TMS now, sounds like he’s done well.

Just out of interest, because if memory serves most people fancied Buttler as recently ago as the summer:

  • Buttler
  • Bairstow
  • Foakes
  • Other

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foakes to keep although I don’t really understand why they couldn’t do a session each frankly.


props to NZ and their star spinner… checks notes… william sommerville?!?

big result that tbfttls


I’ve genuinely not heard of the guy and when I saw his name on the team list I figured we’d had some kind of medical emergency and were reduced to picking some lad who happened to be on holiday. Would have had two Patels, Craig, Sodhi, Santner, ahead of him.


fair play to him, 34 year old & played less than 20 games. must be fucking loving it.


haha yeah, 19 games of 1st class cricket before?
NZ bloods another 35 year old


thought the lions were gonna stroll this, but some big hitting down the order from the Mohammed Irfans really pushed them.

(none of these are the real Mohammed Irfan, although it’s fun to think that there are five enormous clones of him running around)


rishabh pant is a total boy


Saw Ryan Sidebottom tonight.



That’s Brian Blessed


Was at the NZ v Lanka game yesterday. Difficult pitch, some classic lower order slogging from Tim S. didn’t go today so missed Boult taking 6-4 in 15 balls.


King Trent!
Howzit pal?


Game any good? Seems to be pretty slow?


Confused by this because the beer was absolutely shite at the ground last year.


Ha ha I am at the in laws. My Father in law got this a year ago from the Gabba and I was just having a good beer.


Bumrah giving aussies a spanking