Winter cricket thread 🦗

It’s pretty much Winter 2, and there’s cricket being played literally as I type. Decentcouple of tours these winters. Im particularly a fan of the time zone South Africa chooses to play cricket in.

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Was just about to start this thread!

Couple of nice boundaries from Sibley there (cue him getting out)

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It was pleasing to see an opening pair prevent a fifth straight maiden with a careful on drive for 4.

Not a fan of this “playing shots” malarkey

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It was a careful one and it was patiently waited for.

SA home tours are good. Good grounds, decent time zones, generally good games.

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God how I’ve missed Colin of Bigman


You can’t play cricket in the winters!

switches on r5sx

Sibley’s technique is going to have to go on the ugly pile.

Oh, he’s out. It does look like he’ll never score a run on the onside in his career, presumably that can’t actually be the case.

Just flipped on TMS, and they’re translating the Sound of Music into Afrikaans.

Cricket’s the best sport.

Love this ground, looks about as big as Blackpool

Have been passing Edgbaston every day for work since I moved to Birmingham. Outfield looked pretty good from the top deck of the bus today.

Good to see Root has rediscovered his form.

Burns’s’s’s’ is proper odd too innit, leaning his head away and poking his arse out. Weirdest opening partnership stance in cricket.

Got to wonder what they’re teaching at Whitgift school, imo.

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Latin I imagine.


It better have been

Any terrestrial highlights for this?

nope :roll_eyes:

My Dad has switched from Sky to Virgin and hasnt provided log in details, was hoping not to have to speak to him til Christmas but might need to now