Winter cricket thread 🦗

Dunno if anyone else has picked this up - but this is available this afternoon.


yeah, I saw this earlier. What’s available, and how?

been watching these. very high level, entertaining

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Video of International Cricket Council events dating back to the 1975 World Cup will be available to broadcasters.

Highlights and tournament recaps will be shown on the ICC’s social media channels and there will be ‘Watch Parties’ of iconic games.

Video will be available from men and women’s 50-over and T20 World Cups, as well as the Champions Trophy and Under-19 World Cups.

The ICC press release says “broadcast partners”, so maybe Sky will repeat a bunch of one-day games? Doesn’t seem very clear to me.

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Glad it wasn’t just me. Hope they don’t just go via subscription channels.

That was excellent, 20 minues flew by. Highlights included the genuine anger at the fielder muffing the stop at 20.15, excused by “I don’t care, I just want to get home”, and “Whatever it is for one, off however many overs”. Village cricket is the only reason I would want to live in a village.

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Pure, pure village from start to finish. Lad getting bowled twice in two balls, old geezer who was actually pretty good, old geezer who was rubbish at #3.


The “absolute filth” of a leg-side full-toss resulting in the batsman falling over was my favourite bit. I sometimes miss playing because of scenes like these.

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It’s never too late to start playing again. I’ve genuinely played against people in their 70s who were still decent.

The last time I played, the average age of our team was probably up in the 60s. I enjoyed the camaraderie but frankly, I was incredibly bad at the game. Couldn’t bat, bowl, catch or throw, made up for it with enthusiasm though! But I always felt like I was taking the spot of someone at least mildly capable of one of those things.

I’m still on the mailing list that goes round looking for players every summer (before every arranged game inevitably gets called off for weather or lack of players), so it’s not impossible.

I was also meant to be meeting up with a load of the old team at the Lords Windies test this summer, but sadly that’s looking more and more unlikely as this pandemic continues.


Love this guy more than almost any other.

Somehow, NZ seem to nail the cool cricketer vibe better than pretty much anyone. Williamson, McCullum, Vettori…


Neesham’s a GBOL as well


What’s he celebrating for? He’s just given his wicket away there!

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No ball, above waist height

He’s going to get into trouble for celebrating a no ball like that.

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Your all-time top XIs please, if you will…
Here’s mine, based mostly on emotion (apart from Warney, unless you count hatred)