Winter Fitness Thread



seeing as it’s not even december and i’m already fat, i need to devise some kind of keep-fit regime or i’m gonna be in trouble. what are you working with? got a routine? give me some ideas pls.


im going keto


skipping a LOT right now and dropping weight mightily because of it. Less annoying than running.

I am trying to by the end of the year bench, row, curl and military press 70kg. So far I can bench and row that much. The other two are proving WAY harder which is annoying.

But yeah. Basically keeping the boxing going interspersed with weights and skipping when i’m back at home




Basically not eating carbs


good luck to you


I’ll get there. I can do 35kg at the mo. It’ll happen. Just gonna take ages innit. Curling the same


military press is basically the same as overhead press, right? 70kg sounds an insane amount. maybe that’s just me though, I really struggled with that one.

I need to get back in the gym.


yep overhead.

Basically I’ve been doing a thing for ages now where I bench x, then try and work the rest up to that same weight. But about the 40kg point stuff nosedived for curling and pressing and i’ve been trying to just increase the reps more and more on those while stuck on 35kg, to then add another 10 and just do 4 sets of 2/3 reps. I’ve made sure I only ever do ‘true’ reps which is possibly limiting me - won’t count a bench press unless the bar touches my chest etc, won’t count an overhead unless i’m bringing the bar down to below my chin. I might see if i can do some halfway reps to build a little extra strength.


Come climbing!

I’m on a pure strength training routine for the next couple of weeks before i start on power training. So currently mainly lots of deadhangs on small holds (5 second hangs starting on middle two fingers, then front three and back three, then all four). Not very good at actual routines so just judge my session to be over when i can no longer do a one-arm pull-up nor hang on two fingers. And train every othet day. Press-ups and shoulder weights on rest days for balance.

Love training.


Nothing until after the CX Regionals :bicyclist: next weekend, then a week off, then GYM TIME GET FIT YOU FAT CUNT TIME.


Still pathetically trying to drag myself out of bed at 6:45am for a pre-work cycle. Doing a bit on the weekends in the morning but some biped cunts ruined my wheeled fun last Saturday.


Indoor cycle training on static rollers.


think i’ve had enough of climbing for one lifetime, pal.


How do I dislike?


sniffing loads of ket


just been out for a 10k run, still far too ill to do it, had a coughing fit halfway round and was seeing white dots for the rest of it. Decently quick though


Fit’ness burger in my mouth amirite


Think that’s one of the banned acts