Winter Fitness Thread

Since buggering my knee I’ve held off running but eating about the same as I did before which is a problem. Told myself I’d start swimming instead but I can never be arsed to walk 25 minutes to the pool in the cold and dark, and it’s always too crowded.

Convinced my husband to come climbing with me in the new year, I started climbing about two years ago but stopped going regularly when my climbing buddy moved and I didn’t have anyone to share the belaying with. It’s so much fun though so hopefully that’s a goer.

Might start yoga too

Vowed to do at least one 10k run a week from now on and have stuck to it so far.

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Had to stop running a couple of months ago due to shin splints. Still not quite recovered. Very frustrating. Replaced with more gym time but been too busy for that in the last few weeks…

…so all of a sudden I have an extra half-stone to shift, and it’s not even December!

I need to sign up for some runs in the new year, assuming my leg will be fixed. Probably the Wolf Run 10k in early April and the Stratford half marathon in late April. And in the meantime, get back to the gym.

As per rule 9, I will still be out on the bike every weekend.

Lol no

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Get in here!

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Inspired by this thread, I went to the gym at lunchtime and ran on the treadmill for 7km…and my shin feels fine! Hurrah for DIS!

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‘That’s it’ is quite a bloody lot

Gotten heavy into swimming lately. Been for an hour 4x a week for the past few weeks.

Would like to jut not feel awful all the time but exercise doesn’t seem to be helping.
Super hungry and really tired 24/7 - fuck you, winter!

Started playing tennis about 3 years ago and can’t get enough of it. Try and play 4 times a week weather permitting and would play more often if I had the time. Find going to the the gym and running too boring but trying to do some calisthenics at home as it doesn’t require much time or equipment.

Don’t really do cardio anymore due to my leg being mashedup

jiujitsu 3-5 times a week

between sessions a very basic S&C routine with dumbells

30x bicep curls each arm
30x shoulder press each arm
30x leg raises
30x squats

Day one: Bought loads of meat and veg, ate some bacon

new regime starts today. run to gym, work out for half an hour, run home. 3/4 days a week. let’s go.


This is the thread I need. Not even cycling to work atm. Getting well soft. 5s tonight and DiS football on Sunday, which is something I guess.

Must start properly running again, it’s just so cold though

Apparently running outside when you have a chesty cough is not such a good idea

Running with a cold = can clear you out nicely, if you make sure you recover properly.
Running with a chesty cough = don’t do this

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how are you measuring this?

is it? i kind of try and multi task it so it doesn’t take up much time - like do most of my runs during lunch at work, bust out some push ups whilst i’m cooking a meal at home, things like that!

Do you hold the knife between your teeth so you’re chopping e.g. carrots on the down stroke?

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joined a gym a month or so ago, been going twice a week and when i’m there i’m running approx 6/7km.
still taking it relatively easy as it’s my first proper exercise in months and months.
looking to build up to maybe 2 x 10km runs a week, and maybe do some weights for shits and giggles.