Winter hands [Audit]

how are yours faring? Mine are ok but looking old :sob:

any special regimes you got going? obviously not bleak midwinter yet so we’ve got a ways to go, so make sure you take care!!!

i wonder how @Royter-Hatfood’s hands are doing

(obligatory simpsons-giant-hand.jpeg)

mine are bad. well, they are ok right now, but it only takes about 5 minutes of going outside before they start to crack and bleed.

oooft, that sounds nasty. got some kind of regimen for it?

Hmm, I see no old man hands here!!

Tho, saying that I was having similar feelings about my hands. It was after I bleached the fuck out of our bathroom, they seem okay now

bit dry from cycling and have slightly sore palms. i apply hard cream about 10 times a day too :frowning:

Got a bit of this on the go this year. Smells pretty good, has a nice stingy quality to it. I’m a Dapper Dan man etc

you’re a bleedin’ dandy!

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What are you copying?

‘A farmer’s friend’

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Oh, didn’t read the rest of this…

No regimes, nope.

Totally fine, as usual. I have been very fortunate not to suffer from cracked skin during previous Winters (Both I and II).

nobody needs hand cream. Not a thing

I’ll fight you with my gloriously soft hands

Mine were doing pretty badly when I was decorating every weekend, but they’re not too bad now. I’ll occasionally use a squirt of handcream (generic Molton Brown knock-off)

not really, I just have to slather them in moisturiser of some kind about 20 times a day, definitely have to remember before leaving the house. I should probably get some decent creams or whatever and some less abrasive soap or something.

my knuckles crack first. the number of jokes about getting into fist fights I’ve made/ had made to me over the years is off the charts

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skin is totally fine, have been feeling a bit stiff at times though. too much typing

you’re treating your hands too good. They’ll grow to expect it

Mine are cracked and painful, but mainly as a result of eczema from tiredness.

If I can get a night or two of good sleep (!) then they should be okay.

I try not to use hand cream too much though, as it can irritate my skin. At the moment, I dab this across my knuckles a couple of times a day: