Winter illness thread (Rolling)



Got my first cold of the year; feeling shiiite.
What ails thee, DiS?


hot eyes


Think I’m coming down with a cold today, had one just a few weeks ago. Self-pity is currently running at a really high level.


Had a sore throat for, ooo, about 5 weeks. Pretty pretty sick of it.

Swollen elbow too, but that’s another story!"!!!


Got the sniffles




Felt shit for a month, just coming out of it at the right time now


Lack of sleep and stress has me worrying that I’m going to come down with a cold over Christmas again. I hope I don’t - I’m meant to be running a race on the 27th, and I’ll be really hacked off if I can’t do it.

Last time I was ill was over Easter weekend, which, again, always seems to happen.


been a little bit ill for about two months, every now and then feel a bit worse but i’m almost fine

has been strange


just DiS secret santa induced stress