Winter Olympics 2018

I see it’s just been announced that North and South Korea will be entering a joint team. Trump is such a gibbering, war-mongering asshole, he’s inadvertently helped the two of them to ease tensions between each other.

Anyway, Winter Olympics. Love 'em. Best of all the multi-sporting events. Hope the ski-cross is back this year.


I absolutely love the winter olympics, can’t wait. Will watch and enjoy any of the sports.


Still expecting Trump to nuke it because he thinks Pyeongchang is the North Korean capital

Plus, all-female sequels to Cool Runnings on the way!

Bloody love the Winter Olympics, always have but Vancouver 2010 pretty much saved my life, so I forever hold a debt of gratitude to this wonderful, wonderful mix of sport, ice and snow :blue_heart:


I saw the story about the Nigerian team - Didn’t know about the Jamaican one though! Looking forward to it.

I read they’ve built a massive pentagonal stadium only for the opening and closing ceremonies. Just the kind of frivolous spending that makes the Olympics so special!

LOVE the winter Olympic, particularly as it normally coincides with pancake day - have very fond memories of watching skiing with a pancake.


The Netherlands are expected to win at least 18 medals: 6 gold, 7 silver and 5 bronze. That would be a step back from Sochi, where NL won 24 medals. Ireen Wüst and Sven Kramer are both expected to collect multiple trophies in the speedskating discipline.

The Dutch king, queen and prime minister will all attend the opening ceremony and the first couple of days of the Games.

Yeah it’s proper great. Loads of really silly sports plus I’m never going to do any of them so i can safely assert that I’d definitely be really good at all if them

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Particularly excited about the curling (which is absurdly good to watch) and skeleton events.

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Don’t forget Akwasi Frimpong, who will represent Ghana in the skeleton.

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They need to leave the classics alone and stop remaking them with all female casts

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Got mocked a lot at work 4 years ago as I was watching so much curling. Got properly into it though.

Missed my bus stop last time as well as I was watching Shaun Whites half pipe run.

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I got proper hooked on the curling during the Vancouver Games. It was good ‘bottle of wine at 1am’ TV. I even went to a session of the Euro Championships in Glasgow the other year (Got sick of football, so started making an effort to go watch different minority sports).

You missed a couple dozen >'s there, Lopes, but otherwise a correct assessment!

I just remembered about moguls, I really love that sport :grinning:

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As I said in the winter sports thread I am most looking forward to the Biathlon. Best event ever.

So good. Seems like complete nonsense but actually very good and clever imo

It’s excllent but looks like the knees must take an absolute doin :grimacing:

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I’m super excited for the women’s Ice Hockey. Not sure how I’m going to watch it as I don’t have a telly but there will be streams somewhere on the 'net.