Winter Olympics 2018


because it rhymes with bicycle hating! :wink:


It does!


I don’t get all the moguls hate, it is a magnificent combination of different elements. Women’s final was great, very gutted for Andi Naude - that jump was very ambitious, I guess too big of a risk.


Utterly adore the Snowboarding.


Only decent snowboarding event is boardercross i dont like any sports that rely on subjective scoring


Ed Leigh is a great commentator. Think he used to do x games when I watched that as a teen. Or at least I remember his voice from some extreme sports channel stuff


i love the curling /downhill /luge/skeleton /bobsleigh and a bit of Dancing On Ice, the rest i can take or leave it


While I agree on subjective scoring, there’s something about watching people do incredible stuff in the air. If Horses were doing 1440 grabs then I’d probably watch horse dancing too.




this winter Olympics is just so dang wintry


:switzerland: are 3-0 against :japan: with 13 minutes left at the ice hockey. Sake.


Catching up with the Women’s Slopestyle. I feel a bit gutted for them - They all look utterly miserable. :wind_face:


We were watching it in the pub after the football last night and just yelling every time anyone did a big jump. Absolutely brilliant. Will try and watch some of it later. Or replays. Or I’ll play SSX Tricky.


Seriously, we need 1080° for the Switch.

Also, 1080° might need a rename to 1620° nowadays…


Japan’s goalie has spring blossom on her helmet. I find that cute.


Just started this now. Medlova’s fall at the start looks awful.


so many events arent there


Man - that first round was quite something to behold.


:sweden: are in full Minions’ gear for this game.


Just over 10 mins in and it’s 3-0 to Sweden. Feeling a bit sorry about how much Korea are getting beaten.