Winter Olympics 2018


Watching the women’s biathlon, looks like really tough, cold work.


Women’s slopestyle, Jesus these conditions ain’t good. Still some ballsy moves being attempted


It’s actually fucking bollocks that this is going ahead, it’s dangerous as fuck, it’s more survival than snowboarding.


Canada managed to score 35 secs into their match against Finland. That’s just showing off.


My fav part of the winter Olympics so far is how far down the hockey rabbit hole you’ve fallen


Marcel Hirscher is quick as fuck


My curling addiction has come back with full force. Mixed doubles final today.


Couldn’t watch the Women’s Halfpipe last night on Eurosport Player, it was playing the Mogul Freestyle Final instead. I wasn’t the only one - saw a few Spanish speakers on Twitter complaining too. Pretty annoying.


It’s started. a Japanese speed skater fails a drugs test for a masking agent. Probably need to look at the cross country skiing events guys


Has anyone commented on the tiger mascots that people seem to be getting as trophies, I assume they get real meddles at some point.


Yeah, they get proper medals later on.


I’ve fallen a little bit in love with Chloe Kim. She’s amazing.


That slip tho


Who is this new likeable smiley Shawn White and what did they do with the old ultra-srs model?


So many the hockey matches so far have been total land slide victories. Quite excited for when we get through the preliminary rounds.


The tv on curling “it’s just darts with stones and brooms”


Might watch darts when they do it on ice.


I would definitely watch darts on ice.


fucking love the downhill skiing. No idea how they manage to stay on their feet.


that bbc news report zooming out to the reporter as christie was still skating, i hate that type of thing