Winter Olympics 2018


Really irks me when the crowd clap along with the music at the skating. It’s not Disney on ice m9s.


Disney on Ice as an Olympic sport tho.


People who know more about ice hockey than me (everyone):

Why don’t the goalies spend the whole game on their knees? With those pads on and their knees together it must be almost impossible to score surely? Or at least loads harder.


Would be relatively easy to score in the corners

  • much harder to react/move position when needing to


It just looks amazing, they go so fast, what a feeling that must be. Although I think I’d be terrified :grimacing:


Cool Runnings 2: Not Cool


“this is the st valentine’s day massacre! … of a halfpipe”


Looking good for svindal - delighted for him.

Simultaneously gutted for jansrud - thought he had that in the bag 2/3 of the way down.


this curling in tense!


That halfpipe final was hugely impressive. It’s probably my favourite form of snowboarding to watch, even though it fails my “sports should not be scored by judges” rule.


anyone watching this snowboard cross?

It’s great! So many horrifying looking crashes though :grimacing::grimacing:


Also, possibly best name thus far “Loan Bozollo”


Ski and border cross are both fantastic.
Was sat in a meeting yesterday and could just hear cheers and groans from the people outside watching the bordercross.


Yessssss Yuzuru :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :star_struck:



An Icon


go on nigeria!



He did it though :sob:


Currently 5-2 in Finland v. Sweden. They’ve started putting the women’s ice hockey on earlier because the men’s hockey has started. Sake.