Winter Olympics 2018


I’m super excited for the women’s Ice Hockey. Not sure how I’m going to watch it as I don’t have a telly but there will be streams somewhere on the 'net.


My Wife is Canadian. Thus, it is life.

I don’t think even our wedding day beats this for her.


Oh fuck off embed block.

It is worth it.


excited for the winter Olympic?

not long now!

wish i’d bo


if anyone knows of any good pullout guides from newspapers or thing?




ah, i was just going to post this but you poached it


Mixed doubles curlings on guys!!!
Us v canada.



Ice temperarure -5




Not had the opening ceremony yet, so currently in ‘stealth olympics’ mode.


Think theres a cross country skiing ‘captains meeting’ going on too, which sounds exciting.


oh dang my productivity has plummeted

big fan of the trucker hat and tache on the USA curler :grinning:


Just stepped off the dalton highway


because i keep pausing the tunes every time i have to do a bit of work or a superior walks past, i’ve just finished the second end. will be lucky to see the whole game at this rate !




Wake me up when the curling ends


@moderators ban this user please


Alright Billie Joe.


clare balding doing a bit on k-pop