Winter Olympics 2018


Just want Yuzuru to get another gold even though it’s not going to happen


Ormerod out :sob:


So, so gutting for her… to get that close to your first Olympics and have it snatched away by injury :anguished:


Opening ceremony on at 11am UK time. I am hyped.


Missing this is making me sad.

So excited for this.


George Michael struggled with some of his early attempts at lyrics


BBC commentary on the opening ceremony was slightly annoying, just the most pointless facts like “Lithuania is the largest of the Baltic states”


i saw the last half hour of the ceremony and i liked it


I’ve never understood why Archery always starts a day early in the summer games; it’s not like it takes the full to weeks to get through the tournament like the team sports do.


Ceremony was alright but they played Imagine so now I’m irked as fuck, hate that song.


The Olympics being in Korea means I have to be up at 7:40 am tomorrow to watch the Japan :japan: Vs Sweden :sweden: Women’s Ice Hockey. A small price to pay.


It was so great seeing Korea coming out as one. When I was in North Korea the number one thing everyone I spoke to wanted was to see North and South united so that lot must be chuffed.


So confused - has the bbc lost its coverage? It seems to have zero streams of the other sports. 99p for Eurosport gave me the ice hockey immediately. Is it just the bbc sport app that’s useless?




BBC seem to be not showing much of the ice hockey. Sake.


Every 4 years I remember how nice the Swedish ice hockey kit is


Slope style for me


Discovery paid for the rights to the Olympic coverage in Europe. Think BBC will have had to strike a deal with them for whatever they have now and it’ll probably mean fewer hours/sport than has been the case over the last few Olympics. Eurosport will have most (as a Discovery channel). Applies for both the summer and winter Olympics


Japan deserved that equaliser


Interesting statues at the Olympic venue