Winter Olympics 2018


Proper heart in mouth stuff watching Elise Christie. Don’t fall over!

Olympic record in the first qualifying round, not bad.


3 just went down! :open_mouth:


really fancy doing some speed skating. bet low level stuff is carnage.


just seen that, seemed proper harsh on the disqualified lady


might get an OAR jersey


I think I’d prefer to keep my fingers


Like Nascar I bet


I was thinking that people complaining about coverage didn’t know how iPlayer worked… then I went over their feeling pretty darn smug only to find that there aren’t multiple stream!!! WTF!


worth a couple digits to wear one of those outfits


Fuck the BBC, made me sign up for Eurosport, thankfully the first month is only 99p!

Way better sport selection there


She just lost her balance a bit and set off the other two like dominos.


Don’t particularly care for the luge and bobsleigh type events


How does one get into curling?


thought it was mOAR the other’s fault!


Curling is strangely hypnotic. Korean lad seems injured though :frowning:


Either that or that’s the way he visions the best route


I got it through Amazon. Works good on the amazon fire tv stick.


Winter lympics here for those interested in the promo


I think it’s proper rude that Switzerland are 2-0 up against Korea’s first game as one country. Or I just hate Switzerland, or something.


Ah is that on the beeb now? Sounds like it’s quite far behind. I’ll avoid spoilers