Winter Olympics 2018


15 mins into the 1st 20 minutes segment (there’s a proper term for this)


Oh it’s womens Ice Hockey. They’re facing Switz in Curling as well. Confusing



Poor Korea, first the Curling now this :frowning: The Swizz are assholes


why did they cut off the luge?!



Me to Switzerland; Stop stop they’re already dead


this skeleton things fucking mental


Bit dangerous


I’ve never been able to decide if skeleton or luge is the crazier sport.

On a separate note, not happy about this Eurosport nonsense.


Something very Tory about every winter athlete tbh but if you’re just chucking a human down an ice tube I’m probably gonna watch


Not to support dictatorships or anything but i do like the DPRK cheerleaders



I find it kind of creepy and it makes it feel like a video game crowd


Some excellent facial hair in the ski jump.


Cracking goal. Shame it means Korea now 7 down with another quarter to go


enough of this nonsense please


hehehehehe nah you listened to them or what


Hazel Irvine :heart:


A large part of me refuses to believe she was working in Lillihammer in 94.


She’s been around FOREVER


Ski jump is getting good