Winter Olympics 2018


The jumpers must be absolutely freezing.


Love the shimmy dance they do to keep warm :smile:


Man that Norwegian lad sure flew

I love Ski Jumping


10 more to go? Oh get on with it.


Wind sucks


FINALLLLLLLLY. Bet Simon is glad to have got that over and done with


That moustache :joy:


I’m fully behind Moustache Mountain




:frowning: or not

Still, his moustache wins my heart


enjoying watching the british snow people having their pants pulled down.


How are Spain doing?




don’t even bother with the winter olympics I don’t think. no need to pretend.

actually, there appear to be quite a few cross country skiers. the most entertaining and noble form of skiing.


Watching the cross country ski-ing on catch up and it looks so difficult.


What time does action resume. I want to see how much I can watch before going back to work :>


About midnight - curling, baby!


The snowboarders are obviously all stoners. Is weed a banned substance or are they fine?


Mens downhill postponed until later in the games due to high winds


I saw there a good guide to what’s on at what time anywhere?