Winter Olympics 2018



#team Staale Sandbech


Pretty excited for the figure skating. There’s a quite a few athletes with Chicago connections and the hosts are lovely.


Look at this guy’s hair!


Soooo tired but need to hang on till the end of the slopestyle



I know what you mean here but I’ll shut up for the benefit of everyone else


ice dancing might be worse than curling.


Yeahh never really wached it before but it lookse exhausting


Get them norwegians tested out for rocket skis! THIS INSTANCE


Cross country skiing with is rife with PED abuse


I have this irrational desire (or maybe it’s completely rational) to have America lose in the sports they declare themselves world champions of. As a result I’m fully behind Finland in the Ice Hockey.


:disappointed: was already so excited for this.

Who do you fancy for the men’s downhill? I think it’ll be difficult for anyone to beat Beat Feuz, he seems very confident for the big races.


Really struggle to see the puck at times in ice hockey


Speed skating is dull


They all have very shapely legs though


Long track can be, but short track is great


One all in Finland v. USA.

It was a pain in the arse finding the stream of the ice hockey in the iplayer main page


It’s been a good game tbf


Yeah, it has.

One of Finland just shoved one of USA in the face :persevere:


Commentary on Eurosport has been much better than BBC. Really gave some clear insight as to why that wasn’t another penalty