Winter Olympics 2018


Beat and axel should be right up there, but mens olympic downhill normally ends in a surprise.

Reichelt and dressen have been in good form, but im gonna go for Dominic Paris. He came second on the course when it was a test event a couple of years ago (jansrud won).


Finland Vs USA has been a brilliant match. So much so that I’m thinking about getting more into ice hockey.


Ice hockey’s great


I always had an inkling that it would be but a lot of the game I’ve seen in the past have been kind of blah


The ladies Olympic games are always great. The blokes don’t really get going until the quarters normally


Do you think it has something to do with women’s sports currently being less of the financial behemouths of the mens and as a result the playing field is much more even across the board?


I’m no ice hockey expert in any shape, but I’d imagine that’s quite a chunk of the difference.


Power play! Come on finland



GG good game


Always forget how much i hate the moguls


Proper shit sport for people with iron knees


Still, luge final closing rounds coming right up…


Yeah, really uncomfortable even just to watch.


The slow mo on the luge is funny, watching meat wobble around on a tray


i will watch the luge until clare balding says otherwise


Airborne at 125kph. Fucking scary


ah wait! red buttons has china and Norway in mixed doubles curling REMATCH!

loved it yesterday when china got 5 points in their power play and norway said fair play lads and walked off


also when Jackie lockhart said “People’s Republic of Russia” :rofl:


Luge feels like a bit of a done deal here.


Wait… There’s mixed doubles curling now?