Winter Olympics 2018


Yeah, new for this 'lympics


i think i prefer it to big curling


Ngl, we might be good at curling but it’s incredibly tedious. And this is coming from somebody who’ll happily watch people ride bikes for 6hrs


ahh it’s brilliant :grin:


Aye. Unlike pretty much every other sport that goes on all day, things can actually turn around massively right at the end.


Trying to sync up making lunch so it’s ready as the Canada Vs. Russia ice hockey starts. Obviously rooting for :canada:


This shooting/skiing game is like something out the Medieval ages, but with more aerodynamic lycra.




Can’t believe the half arsed way the IOC are pretending Russia aren’t there.


2 points to Canada just a few minutes apart! :canada:


it is a shame to say goodbye to the china mixed doubles curling team


chris mazder is so happy


Loch hibsed it!!


OAR just keep getting sent to the naughty seat.



Was very impressed when I saw the first one yesterday that he recovered it!


video won’t work for me, maybe it will for someone


I think it’s because it’s a Canadian link.


yeah the NBC tweet wouldn’t work either :thinking:

anyway the lad is thrown from his luge and climbs back on it while it’s still moving :scream: and he finished only 15 seconds behind!


Why the fuck am I watching ice skating?