Winter PJ situation poll


You rockin jammies as the cold creeps in?

  • Shirt-and-trouser classic jammies
  • Onesie
  • Birthday suit
  • Shorts/boxers kind of vibe
  • Dressing gown
  • In my clothes, drunk
  • Other (please specify)

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i will sometimes put a t-shirt on if i’m feeling a bit chilly, but otherwise it’s still a classic boxers-only situation

my girlfriend sleeps in a fucking hoody sometimes, it does my head in


I sleep nude.

I have left a pair of jogging bottoms adjacent to my bed the last few nights and have sleepily whacked them on at around 0400hrs recently however.


In my old uni house I used to sleep in a hoody and coat cause it’d get so cold


anthony select ‘birthday suit’ pls


PJ bottoms
light jumper

Our room is bloody freezing in the winter.


Done and done.


Onesie around the house, pants only in bed. Sometimes have to sleep with the window open at the moment. :frowning:


Just a pair of grundies. My girlfriend is wearing pyjamas, thermals and socks.

We have an old memory foam mattress, and I still wake up in a sweat several times a night.


Default PJs are an old tshirt and some pj bottoms. Our bedroom is really fucking warm so haven’t even needed the proper 14 tog duvet yet. Will wear a dressing gown around the flat before showering at weekends.


i have a real weird half hot half cold situ at all times and it kills me for getting to sleep


Think that’s the root of my problems tbf


T-shirt, boxers. Sometimes socks.


Yeah, it was my girlfriend’s before we moved in together and not what I would have chosen. We’re looking to get a new mattress in the new year. It’s unbearable in the summer.


Springs over substance?


I scare my family with my winter dressing. Thin jumper (the ones from h&m are perfect for being warm without being sweaty), pyjama bottoms and bedsocks, and a beanie if my head is cold. But on my bed I have a quilt, big blanket (those massive velvety ones they do in bags in markets) a normal blanket and my dressing gown on top of all of that, as well as a hot water bottle. Only then can I sleep :joy:


you lot all need to get a better duvet. mine is a cheapy tesco jobby but it’s well warm.


That thread forms part of my research (alongside reading up on Which? articles, natch)


Birthday suit all the way. It’s not unusual for Mrs McA to be next to me in PJs, a jumper, thick socks, a dressing gown and an additional duvet, with a hot water bottle. We’re not sure if I’m weirdly warm or she’s weirdly cold, but certainly at least one of us is weird.


I slept in a pair of (faux) leather trousers on Saturday morning after collapsing in a partied-out state. I literally had to peel them off my legs when I woke up. Wouldn’t recommend.