Winter Positivity Thread

No, because winter in this shitty little country is far worse than summer in this shitty little country. Oh, I mean gingerbread latte!!11


It’s the best time of year

  • Christmas
  • cosiness
  • snuggly pjs
  • wearing a dressing gown
  • lighting candles
  • just general hibernating
  • gym is quieter


  • grumpy bf who hates winter

I really enjoy the entire month of December.


The phrase “stop shoving Christmas down my throat” has already come out of his mouth TWICE this month


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oooh good one!! hope the tv will make some eggnog this year

Getting to recreate this:


If he’s able to say that then there is clearly not enough Christmas down his throat yet

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I’m well up for winter. I’m mostly excited to light a fire in the fireplace and see our cat’s reaction. Also snow is great.


Trying to find out if it’s a witch?

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pls film


I hate Christmas

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if you are a failed person it’s impossible to escape that at Christmas time, other people spending more money on gifts, awkward conversations with family, wistful memories of childhood when you used to be happy, loneliness. The whole thing is a torture.

Oh I’m shoving alright

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I love Christmas

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boxing day is pretty great though as it’s the longest time until the next Christmas :slight_smile:

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Never used to because it was a very trying time for our dysfunctional family, but that’s since disbanded and now it’s about 4836363 times better and I love it

of course

Winter’s a cracking season. Especially December.

However by the time it gets to February I’m mightily fucked off with it and long for spring.

Think late winter’s the only season I don’t like tbf. That and when summer’s a fucking let down.

  • Winter I
  • Winter II

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What humanity needs to work on is a hibernation machine in which you do not age.

Wake me up (for Christmas and) when May comes.

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