Winter sports chat

yes! It’s that time again!!

Please use this thread to talk about any of the winter sports.

Winter holidays chat also encouraged

Downhill skiing kicks off next weekend (!) - GS at Solden (Mens and Womens).

This will be Vonn’s last season. Hope she manages to get a few wins to bow out in style.


Anyone got any trips planned/in mind?

I’m off to andermatt at the start of January. Off-piste there looks terrifying. Can’t wait.

Not been snowboarding for about four years now, kind of lost touch with the folks I used to go with. I’ve thought about solo trips but I know I won’t push myself and will keep stopping for hot chocolate and food, still should do it though, I miss hacking down the piste!

Looking at les Contamines in January :sunglasses:


Anyone been to Winterberg? Only three hours drive from here, so do-able in a weekend. I know it’s not going to be amazing, but wondering if it’s quite-good.

Yeah, this is the problem isn’t it. Quite often find myself on a later flight so stay an extra half day when my friends have gone: end up actually on the piste for maybe an hour. Not nearly as fun on your own.

Going to Serre Chevalier for new year’s :raised_hands: :skier:

Anyone here used Action Outdoors before? This will be my fourth time skiing with them

Andermatt looks good


Not been - had a quick look and it looks fine. Been to a few small resorts for a day before - always had a good time.

Only concern with that one is low altitude, but looks fine if you can be flexible to wait for good conditions, then drive up last minute.

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maybe we should set up a DiS trip for 19/20…???


Not been to serre chevalier, but one of my friends said its awesome.

Not done a package holiday in many years. I take it action outdoors are good then? Seem to remember Crystal pissed me right off but Inghams were decent.

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thinly veiled ‘I have two friends’ post

Does it really snow there that much?? Ie at all??

I’ve been spoiled in the past but i’d give it a miss tbh

would you potentially be interested in a DiS skiing/snowboarding trip in 2019/20?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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Action Outdoors are great. Lift pass, equipment, accommodation, meals and instruction are all included. All you need to organise are your flights - transfers can be booked through them as well. It’s sort of like a hostel (although it’s much nicer than any hostel I’ve stayed in), so you end up meeting other people really easily. Everyone else is usually a solo traveller as well. I’d definitely recommend checking out the site:

Waiting to see if there is snow but currently have the week before Christmas booked off.

Hope it works out as I haven’t been for the last two years.

I’d be genuinely up for it. My wife doesn’t ski and isn’t really keen on it and the kids are young. I don’t have mates who are into it, and my wider family all ski/board but haven’t managed to persuade them that we should organise something

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excellent. Assuming sean doesn’t shut us done before then, lets make this happen!


I end up doing the opposite if on my own. End up not stopping, skipping lunch and get absolutely knackered.

I’ve done guiding in some resorts which lets you ski with a group but you don’t have to do lessons. The ones I did seemed to be full of very rich people who were spending the whole winter in the resort but I preferred it to skiing on my own and you never have to look at a map.

Be a bit weird if they built a ski resort where it never snows.

Wouldn’t fly to it, but for a weekend getaway could be good.

worked for Dubai