Wireless music systems (sonos, etc)

I am currently using a Cambridge Audio setup with amp, iPod/phone dock, CD player and 2 wired speakers. I’m very happy with the sound, but since moving flats I don’t want to have wires trailing around the fireplace etc so am looking at a wireless system. I’m also interested in multi room capabilities, but it’s not essential.

I want to be playing music from my phone (stored locally), laptop, TV and occasionally CD, all of which go via my amp currently. Clearly Sonos is an option. Is there anything else I should be considering?

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Get a Sonos Connect. Been looking at this situation for ages. The software is good, it does exactly what you want and is scalable.

Do it man.

I’d strongly recommend Sonos but I’ve not tried any of the others available. Downside is, it’s quite pricey.

Amazon have just released the Alexa/Echo which is voice activated if you want that sort of thing. Not heard if it’s any good yet, but the Amazon page does have this very intriguing review:


My understanding of the Sonos Connect is that it will plug in to my existing amp and therefore rely on my existing wired speakers. Therefore I’d need to also buy wireless Sonos speakers. Is that right?

Ah sorry I misread this. Yes that’s right.

The playbar is excellent if you needed a sound at too …

The Bose wireless ones are pretty good but pretty pricey. Had to set them up for my mums boyfriend and was reasonably impressed with the sound coming out of the smaller bods which are around 100 a pop. The big one sounds real good but that’s like 400quid and you can get a way better sounding system for that (though you’re paying for the tech and firmware and not sound when you’re getting wireless solutions)

Might be worth seeing you can buy a wifi receiver and plug it into a an existing wired receiver to save dollah

Sonos is really good for this, I have it set up at home and because it’s so easy to add to and set up (and imo the play:1 is very reasonably priced and will do in most rooms/situations) I really don’t think there are many contender that can compete with them on a price:quality:software level. There are some more expensive options for sure, but the cheaper ones are nowhere near as good.

The main downside of Sonos (especially the larger speakers) is the price, so I certainly wouldn’t be looking for anything more expensive.

Can anyone tell me if this:


Would work with these:

I can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t but I know fuck all about stereo speakers.