Wireless Phone Chargers (boring phone thread, it's all you deserve)


Managed to fuck my phone’s USB port, so thought I was dead in the water. Not so! Turns out my phone has wireless charging, so I’ve nicked one off a guy in the office for the now and it’s currently charging my phone. It’s like magic.

I’ve ordered one off Amazon, so that’s neat.

Any chat?


Some idiot will be here in a minute to say it isn’t actually wireless.


it isn’t actually wireless.




Those IKEA lamps that are also wireless chargers.


The wires are invisible? :exploding_head:


magnets maybe, not sure


Invisible magnets? :exploding_head:


they have these in eurostar lounges fyi


We have one in our car. No, it isn’t a hovercar!


Take it to the “things no one knows how they work” thread m9.