Wireless/smart speakers

Do I just a Sonos or are there other options I need to consider?

i simply wonder wear a sonos


Sonos is an anagram.

Sonos is si sonoS.

also, as i believe is tradition in these threads:

is this the same as a bluetooth speaker?


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Fucking hell!

(sonos is an anagram of sonos though.)


No, it also has WiFi and plays Spotify/etc stuff without needing a computer.

sounds fancy!

If it’s any excue it has been a tough couple of days. Please regard my ceiling

Customary kasabian pun


Installing a Sonos?

It’s not just an anagram it’s… what do you call it when the word is the same backwards?

Anyway, the trouble with Sonos is that you’re only allowed to listen to Abba.

pun, hun?

What you up to then? Installing a mirrored ceiling?


That’s it. That’s the word that I can’t remember.

Yeah, it’s tough work but nearly there.

Might get the insurers to do that. No, a leak.

Should’ve gone in the garden.

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I think it looks better like that anyway.