Wisdom teeth


wandering about the flat this morning and felt a bit of a jab in my gum, went to feel it and a bit of the ol’ wisdom tooth fell out. Looked a pretty minging colour as well, so now i’ve got a discoloured sharp bastard in the back of my mouth.

Ringing around for an appointment today. Never really had dental problems before but imagine this will be a pain (and also explain my being sick earlier this week). Any of you guys had wisdom teeth issues?


You can get emergency dental work if you ring 111, they might send you ages away but you can get treated for nhs prices. I had mine removed not long ago, but the other one is impacted so basically I have a special toothbrush to clean it so it doesn’t ever get infected


Yeah, have a few issues with mine. Just turned 40 and they’re still lurking about.

I didn’t got to the dentist for over decade, and was majorly paranoid about going. Just because I didn’t want them taken out. Ended up cracking a tooth and having to bit the bullet. But the guy said they were fine and that dentists often just leave them in there nowadays. I would recommend getting some Corsodyl toothpaste and mouthwash and one of those tufted brushes as it does help keep them clean and stop them getting infected. I always thought the pain was the teeth moving or something, but it’s often just your gums getting inflamed.

I just paid to have mine done privately. I didn’t want to wait ages, and it’s own stupid fault for not going for so long, NHS shouldn’t have to foot the bill.


ended up going with private just for convenience and as just want to get this sorted, but thanks for the tip! Will definitely be all over that in the future.



Mine first started to erupt when I was about 18, but because they were impacted, they didn’t come through fully. Every five years or so they would shift and my jaw would ache for a couple of weeks. I went to the dentist and they said that unless it is getting repeatedly infected, they tend not to remove them these days due to their proximity to a nerve that can cause issues.

Anyway, I didn’t go to the dentist for over a decade, and then my wisdom teeth started aching on a more regular basis, culminating in a month of bad pain in July that prevented me from sleeping more than a couple of hours a night for a few weeks.

I managed to get an appointment for the dentist and he said that two of them need to come out (they’ve rotated and are now pretty much horizontal, which makes them prone to decay and wearing out the adjacent molar), and I’ve been referred to the hospital.

So hopefully, before the end of the year, I’ll have had them removed!


Had mine out when I was 15 along with three babyteeth that hadn’t come out. Had it done under general anaesthetic :+1: Recovery was still quite painful :-1: Only operatioin I’ve ever had…


Eesh. All the best with the treatment!


Weirdest was when half of one of my molars just sort of disintegrated. I was doing my finals at uni and was in an exam (Economic History iirc) and felt ‘grit’ in my mouth. Very odd. Didn’t hurt but had to get the dentist onto it sharpish


yeah that’s what mine feels like atm! not a good feeling going to have to poke a hole in this :smiley: emoji methinks.


I remember the strange feeling of sticking my tongue into the gap at the back of the tooth. Was expecting to hit a nerve and jump out of my seat but it was just… numb


get my dental care covered by work now


My top ones are at a bit of an angle, should probably get them looked at. Bottom ones have come through fine other than screwing up the rest of my teeth because there wasn’t really the space there.


Apparently getting them removed is fine these days, but I couldn’t get the old school imagery of the dentist kneeling on your chest out of my head.

I’m now loathe to change dentists in case they have a different opinion, so now travel from Wimbledon to Wood Green to see them. Idiotic really.


the number should really be 230


Yeah, but it’s worth sticking with the one you have as finding another that’s accepting NHS patients can be a real struggle.


Dentist just sanded the sharp edges on it down today but said I needed it out. Got an NHS appointment there next week which will probs be followed by removing the decaying mess. Just in time for birthday woo.


I had one of mine extracted a while back when this happened to me. I was given an appointment at the Nightingale Clinic in West Ham by my regular dentist. They gave me a bit of gas and then what seemed like ten seconds later were taking me to a hospital bed to lie down for 15 minutes to wait for the gas to wear off. Had to have a friend waiting for me as they won’t gas someone and send them home on their own. It was like walking on a ship at sea, or really drunk, for a while. Had to eat soup for lunch. But by the evening was fine. No pain at any time. And the NHS clinic charged me just £50 for it.