Got one for the first time (I think). Mostly pretty sane stuff at unbelievable prices (£16 for a PS4, hmmm). This is the only, uh, unusual thing in the bunch

Got advertised some leather shorts with a penis hole in them earlier

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Not wish.com, but on a related point of tat nobody wants on the internet, these look terrifying


Makes that Westie look like a Bull Terrier

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Eating seeds as a pastime activity.


What the hell is this?

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I keep getting that one pop up too. Not a clue what it is either though. A tool for prising out ingrowing toe nails maybe?

Draining fluid from under toenails?


that’s my mum’s birthday sorted then

even better if it looks hideous

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M8, toenail robots are all the rage in Seoul.

Fake nails for your cat, anyone?

I’m not a cat expert by any means, but I reckon trying to fit these is asking for trouble…


Cruel as well :angry: