This is actually pretty tempting

Snorlax Squad 4ever




These are all sex things.

Of course she’s probably the smallest person they could find who still looks like an adult.

Mate FFS you need to click through next time you find this

Unfortunately it just tries to get you to sign up and fuck that. You feel free to wire in though.

In fact, in a totally unrelated matter, what’s your email address?

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I’m already signed up! Just post the url here!


Got given this as a gift, a good fifteen or so years ago. #accidentalmarckee

Can you confirm it’s a joke of nothing inside or is there a point to it?

Okay I found them


One of the other images

It’s in a huge category called ‘Pressure Pants’. So…none the wiser, really.


Did find this amazing one online while doing a reverse image search though


Jesus that is worrying

Yep. A joke gift ‘for the person who has everything’. Just a blister pack of air with some patter on the cardboard bit.

Was ~£7, apparently. Doesn’t seem to be in stock anywhere. Apart from Wish! (Or there’s a couple on eBay. [1] [2])

Pointless and a bit wasteful. But people spend more on less, and waste more for less of a reason, I suppose. 🤷

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As a teenager I once bought a pack of this:

‘Currently unavailable’

Surely that should be ‘permanently unavailable’.

Also from that company/seller:

Made me chuckle. :grinning:

Also heh:

No thanks, though:

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Major wish developments as now the ads I get on Facebook, I know, for them have a tiny wee description underneath. Sometimes it helps, other times not so much.

This detail on the squirrel mask ffs


Cannot work out if the last one is meant to be a joke about dogs chasing squirrels or a serious worry about traumatising them.

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