Wish there'd be an episode of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares where...

…Gordon arrives to an unclean eatery with dated decor, orders a few dishes from the overcomplicated menu, waits a bit too long, doesn’t like the food, has a bit of heat with an aggressive and/or fed-up head chef, a head-to-head with the unmotivated owner, asks the staff to clean the kitchen, they give it a quick lick of paint, hold a tester evening based around a few simple dishes, which after a few hiccups ultimately turns around, then he leaves.


and they go under 12 months later anyway because their restaurant is in the middle of nowhere in shitsville


Is there anything better to watch at midnight?

Every time i’m hungover i just want to chuck the duvet on the couch, make some smash, cheese and beans, and watch that episode with the baby twins.


You forgot the gratuitious tops off scene as he gets ready to go to work. Big fan of the disguises he used in the 24 hrs in Kitchen Hell shows

I fucking love Kitchen Nightmares USA


Also love it when he can’t wait to go wrist deep into some quite clearly rancid sludge and then sticks his nose as close to it as possible. And when he calls somebody ‘big boy.’

my favourite ever one is where he goes to a restaurant in Spain owned by british ex pats and their children in their early 30s run it like a bar and are just getting smashed all the time.

Generally he’s always a big fan of the waiting staff isn’t he? Otherwise they’re all pretty much the same episode. Love it

I like when he’s eating and he goes “chicken special? more like chicken shit” would be good if that happened too

The episode with the big purple hotel is good. Can’t remember where it is but feels like most episodes of the U.K. one are filmed in Warrington.

UK version or GTFO.

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Absolute nonsense

US version has too much of that US TV stuff where it’s constantly foreshadowing what’s coming up to stop you turning over during adverts.

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But also it has more Italian-Americans from NY/NJ just fucking laying into each other/everybody

Always remember that one where he goes to Amy’s Baking Company. Absolutely terrifying.

Hey I’m cooking here!


Every. Single. Time.

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Gordon chucks the microwave out of a window or something and everyone screams.

Best Ramsay bit is when he gets loads of rotten food out from a walk in fridge and fingers all of it while getting more and more angry. TV gold

This is the one where there was dog poo in the dining area isn’t it?

Tough American chef: “Ehhh I’m one tough cookie, fuggedaboutit, if that guy thinks he can push me around, ey I’m walkin ere!!”
Tough American chef two minutes later (crying): “I just wanna know how to make the sandwich”
Ramsey “I will teach you”

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