"Wish videos kept playing when you closed the app?"

“Get background play with YouTube premium.”

No, I don’t wish that.


I stream music on youtube a lot so that did appeal to me, but then when you download the app it’s got literally everything that’s not on the normal app behind a paywall, so it’s just a youtube app that nags you for money.

Who the fuck is paying for youtube as a streaming service? The only reason anybody uses it for music is because it’s free.


Is that you, Lucien, firing up a loop of In Da Club on YouTube?

I signed up to the free trial. It’s…OK. If Spotify had never existed I’d be blown away; as it is, it has basically exactly the same content, but with fewer “official” playlists, and no user-created ones (as far as I can see). Plus the videos I could have watched on YT itself, if I wanted to.

Think the day they turn it into a viable music streaming service is the day they go round and bin off all the unlicensed uploads that aren’t on Spotify, thus eliminating the only reason it would be worth subscribing to.


If I cast them to my telly via my Virgin box they keep playing if I close the app. This is only any use if I’m at home, though.

I used to spend ages and a lot of money trying to find good CD compilations of music from genres and other parts of the world I’d never come across otherwise. God bless YouTube for being a one stop shop for loads of free user generated stuff like that.

i mostly use youtube for live footage of stuff

bands should realise more stuff themselves

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Got quite into lofi hip hip “radio stations” on Youtube recently. This one is probably the most well known. Very useful when I’m working:

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Awww yeahhhh

I thought the point of YT premium was film content, all that Red stuff? Or is that a different thing?

redtube is something different entirely, theo


I thought that Karate Kid reboot series looked a bit racy…

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I’m not entirely sure! I’m trialling Youtube Music Premium, which appears to be something different.
Other than the ad-free and offline features already mentioned, they tout “Get music served to you based on your tastes, time of day, location, and what’s trending around you”.

So right now I’m at work on a sunny day and it’s giving me sunny day playlists, and choices of wake up/motivation/concentration playlists. (This is basically the exercise scene from 1984, when Winston is being monitored through his TV, isn’t it?).

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yeah i love these. think an intermediate level computer science student could write a bot that generates tunes like this though, they’re so indistinctive. but yeah, great for working

Yeah, I mean it’s almost literally muzak, just aesthetically dressed up to match our modern tastes and sensibilities. Works for me though.

My previous go-to work music was this, a random selection of ambient music from Soundcloud, overlaid with your choice of a US city’s police radio fequency:

Makes you feel like you’re in a Michael Mann film.


Didn’t realise, Muzak was originally designed to be played in work places to boost productivity… so these lofi stations really ARE like modern Muzak. Might try this tomorrow though

Yeah the quality of live footage on there is astounding. Like (for example) so many Mogwai shows that have been broadcast on various TV stations around the world. The KEXP sessions alone are worth having YouTube for - it’s such a simple model, get the band in for a session, record it, bung it on YouTube. Almost everyone that I would care to search for has been on it.

I put on some Brian Jonestown Massacre the other day and auto-play took me on an incredible journey of psychedelic loveliness that I had never even heard of, culminating in this which I lack the words to describe. It got a bit weird after that. An afternoon bloody well spent, though.

I have a feeling that I only use youtube for about 1% if it’s capabilities, which makes me feel pretty old.

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