Wishlist of Bands Playing Albums In Full

Pretty much did it in Nottingham

His voice cant take it apparently…think it was soundchecked once according to corg

Best album ever. Nothing they (or anyone) has made before or since has touched me anything like this record


Think that’s more to do with the live setup rather than anything else, pretty sure it needs the backing singers for instance.

They did Hiding All Away on the Push the Sky Away tour and Breathless on the ‘solo’ tour though… so who knows!

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There’s talks of them doing this in the next year or two isn’t there?

I’ve honestly lost track, there’s been so much information and so many plans pouring out of the ongoing Q&A on Instagram. The current focus seems to be new material and Machina, and a general aversion to “deep cut” shows due to too many people complaining (I don’t think any actual fans were complaining).

Listening to this record as I read this post weirdly, this would be mine too. Wilco’s YHF would also be cool as someone else mentioned

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even though i’ll often enjoy a decent album-in-full show when they happen i can’t really think of many i’d actively hope for.

would love to see Thee Oh Sees do Mutilator Defeated at Last (with plenty of time left over for other stuff) but not sure i can imagine Dwyer busting out the acoustic guitar for Holy Smoke.


Ty Segall band - Slaughterhouse

The Mountain Goats - All Hail West Texas / Tallahassee / The Sunset Tree / We Shall All Be Healed would all be cool. Actually, the Mountain Goats doing the complete Alpha Couple song cycle, in chronological order, would be freaking incredible. That’s my answer.

Wilco - Summerteeth / Being There / AGIB / maybe Yankee but I’ve seen them do every song on that over two nights, so no great need for it.

The Chills - Brave Words

The Low Anthem - Oh My God, Charlie Darwin (seeing as it’s the only way they’ll play some of those tunes, but probably doesn’t count now Josie has left)

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Pig Destroyer - Prowler in the Yard

Grandaddy - The Sophtware Slump (don’t think they’ve ever done this)

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Would like to see Twins