Witchy Tunes

Hi, music board friends!

I don’t often post over here other than for admin stuff, but I humbly come to you today on my everlasting quest for some more witchy tunes for my witchy playlist.

Here are a few examples of songs/versions of songs that I consider witchy tunes. Please share some songs that you consider witchy tunes below! Very much open to interpretation.

Laura Marling: Devil’s Resting Place

Neko Case: Things That Scare Me

Lucette: Bobby Reid

Kate Mann: O Death

Soap&Skin: Me and the Devil

Fever Ray: If I Had A Heart

Cary Ann Hearst: Hell’s Bells

Brandi Carlisle: Raise Hell

…and so on and so forth.

Please, share some witchy tunes with us!

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Paging @Witches, obviously


This kind of thing?


Bat for lashes maybe too self consciously witchy?

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yes please

Not sure if it counts since it doesn’t sound like the songs you listed, but it’s called Wyttch and is basically a Halloween song with a Halloween feel.

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Not at all! I have this one already on a spookytime playlist:


The beginning of the video reminded me of this one from the mother country, definite witchy vibes (at least in the video):

I have several different spooky-themed playlists so everything is welcome here

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Nokia declaring herself head of the coven

Haha yesss! I have a playlist of witch tunes! It includes


I get very witchy / Wicker Man vibes from Heart Shaped Scars, the excellent Dot Allison album from earlier this year.

Also this:


Also pretty much anything from Suspiria soundtrack:


I loved Elisabeth Elektra’s Mercurial album last year, which was full of witchy electro pop bangers.

Most of Garlands and the other Siouxsie-ish Cocteau Twins stuff.

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Absolutely cheating but this Salem mix is witchy as anything

no Chelsea Wolfe??

Zola Jesus is great too