With lots of activity kicking off in April surrounding the release of “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society”


Imagine including visiting yachtsmen in your figures. The desperation of it.



The film looks bad, I haven’t seen it and I go and see some real shit.

Are people from Guernsey weird?

  • Yes they are weird
  • No they are not weird
  • I have no opinion on this

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don’t mate, you’re buying into their marketing campaign!

Everyone from an island is weird. The smaller the island, the weirder


like they’ve tried to make it sound like a quirky Wes Anderson indy film or something

I would have categorised it in the same bracket as The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and that sort of title, just stringing a load of words together in a vain attempt to try and make it sound intriguing.


Apparently it’s about how a Nazi is really nice because he’s good with animals.

Wes Anderson looks like a mix of Lionel Messi and tilda Swinton. That’s all I’ve got

The jokes on them - if I was going to the Channel Islands I’d visit my mate who lives in Jersey.

I’ve only met one person from Guernsey and they were a twat, so I’m staying well away. I can picture him eating potato peel pie, now I come to mention it - he was the only person I know who left uni with more money than when he came, because he was such a tightwad.

The thinly veiled is from Guernsey. She is pretty fucking weird tbh tbf.

The Potato Peel Pie book is a really good read actually. Like fuck would I watch the film however…