With trepidation, it's the Thursday morning thread

Morning all. I’ve been out of the house already to go to the big Tesco. Weather is pretty grim. Imagine I’ve posted that pic of the dog in the towel.

How are you anyway? The longer I type, the more likely it is that someone else is going to post the daily thread. But hey.

:sunny: There is more daylight today than yesterday:

  • 2m18s in London
  • 2m52s in Edinburgh
  • 2m26s in King’s Lynn.

Snowy up our way.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day.


Got to go to the office. Grim out though so might just go on my lunch break.

It is snowing in Leeds. I am very very tired

Morning! Wet here as well, going to be a day of being cooped up indoors I think. That’ll be fun. There’s a massive mug of tea in my immediate future though, so let’s concentrate on the positives


This morning’s run was the closest I’ve been to a swim since my local swimming pool closed.



This has the colour tone of one of those pics of the New York skyline you get in barbershops. Like, you half expect there to be some workmen sat on a crane eating lunch.


Morning. Foolishly stayed up way later than I should, so feeling bleary-eyed. Should have a straight forward day though. Weather is right grot out

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Looks out of window

Are we completely sure its not 3am?


Morning all

Have a phone appointment with the community pediatrician this morning but the letter was very low on detail so I don’t know if it is a proper intense taking R’s full history for his autism assessment or just something more preliminary. Have prepared for it being the big long appointment just in case.

Not been moaned at yet this morning, which is nice.

It is also very wet here.


So grey.

Might bake a cake.


Might go back to sleep until it’s time to put the pork in the slow cooker.


You know what you said.


Family watch of The Mandalorian going well even if we have to pause to explain stuff to F every few scenes

Annoyingly excited for my new phone to be delivered. I’m not a capitalist before anyone starts, I just like the endorphin rush of shiny new things. Bit concerned I won’t get it though, cause my address doesn’t technically exist?? So it’s just being delivered to my building and we’re gonna have to hope for the best.
Just made a coffee and noticed a pest control man in the back bin area, talking about how “he’s sneaky”. So I assume there’s a rat and these mean people are trying to get him evicted. Let him stay! He can stay with me.

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Morning all!

It’s snowy out but I’m not teaching until 1.30. My plan for the morning is to mark some assessments and complain to D&G about our hob.

I’m supposed to be making parsnip soup tonight so that will be parsnipy.

The Pughd Piper



Not enough sleep last night and a bad nights sleep too because we’re still sleeping in the spare room after getting the windows replaced (which involved removing the old curtains). But today is my Friday, and I haven’t got too much on, so coasting into the weekend (although I’m in charge of homeschooling tomorrow which could be interesting)

:smiley: did play the recorder in primary school tbf.