With trepidation, it's the Thursday morning thread

Just dropped the lad off at the vets :scissors:


9 o’clock video call fuck off

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There could be if you look really close

Ours are going in on Monday. Hopefully it’ll calm them down a bit and stop them acting like little shits

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Basically your post is mine

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hope everything goes ok for them :smiley:

My cats are too fat and murderous for a carrier like this but I really want to try, its so cute

On a live event. Clearly forgot to turn the stream on because the first speaker just cut in half way through a sentence. Going well.

ha he’s gonna end up growing out of it really soon. it looks ace for now though and he loves the little window :blush:

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It’ll all be fine - most importantly it’ll take away concerns about having a brother and sister cat in the house together… :grimacing:

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looks like a cat astronaut


Morning all.

Achieved a good 7 hours’ sleep for the first time in months. Ironically enough I’ve took the rest of the week off, so work output won’t benefit from this refreshed vigour.

Weather outside is SHITE, but it’s a great day to finally jump into Cyberpunk 2077.

Might have a cheeky gamble with whatever is left in my Labrokes account, like £3 or something.

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I didn’t size up when I bought some wellies from the supermarket and they really pinch, but I’m tempted to go for a rain walk later. Found the excellent umbrella I got for free with my stupidly expensive hair straighteners, it’s so strong and just the right size. The perfect umbrella

Apawlo 11 :rocket:


Gonna make some soup today.


What type you going to make?

I might do soup for dinner, fridge is at the point where there’s enough veg that needs chucked in a pot before it goes off, and it’s a fairly standard soup weather.

had a wee skid in my car on the snowy road today, was quite scary but no accident caused as the person I was supposed to give way to almost predicted it and had stopped anyway


(glad you’re okay)

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Watercress! Made it for the first time about a month ago, was expecting some insipid grass water but it was bloody delicious. Quite thick and peppery, just like me. Got big hunks of bread to dunk in it later :drooling_face:

I think it’s a James Martin recipe, we’re big fans here at Castle Frenchtoast.